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A Look At What You're Getting

  • A Growing Library Of Training Videos

    Ecommerce As An Industry Is Dynamic And Is Always Changing. Therefore Our Library Of Videos Is Always Kept Up To Date To Reflect The Latest And Most Effective Strategies.

  • Active FB Community

    Get Access To A Private FB Community Of Other Aspiring Sellers, Where You Can Ask Questions, Network, And Maybe Meet Future Business Partners.

  • Diversified Training

    No Matter How Much Of An Expert Someone Is, No One Knows Everything. Which Is Why The Shopify Academy Includes Content Created By Numerous Shopify Sellers, Making It A Well Rounded Resource For Knowledge.

  • A-Z Training

    The Academy Will Take You From Complete Beginner To Being Able To Establish Your Own Powerhouse Ecommerce Brand. From The Basics Of Store Setup All The Way To Store Automation.

  • Beginner Friendly Teaching Methods

    Every Video Inside The Academy Is Conveyed In A Beginner Friendly, Easy To Follow And Easy To Understand Manner. With No Fluff Or Useless Filler Content, The Presentation Methods Will Benefit Beginners And Veterans Alike.

  • Free Automation Training

    Don’t Want To Fulfill Orders Or Deal With Customer Support? Neither Do We. Which Is Why We Created Evergreen Training Content That You Can Download And Give Straight To A Virtual Assistant, Instantly Automating Customer Support And Order Fulfillment.

A Look At The Training Modules...

  • Module 1 - Niche Selection

    In this module you will learn how to select the very best products and niches for you to base your store around…skip the guesswork and start out by selling products that work right away.

  • Module 2 - Store Setup

    In this module you will see exactly how to set up a proper Shopify store that sells and converts. You will also have access to example stores as a reference.

  • Module 3 - Traffic

    In this module you will learn how to generate traffic to your store. You will learn about many traffic sources such as Facebook, Google Adwords, Reddit, Pinterest, and more!

  • Module 4 - Automation

    In this module you will learn how to turn your store into a proper business by utlizing virtual assistants to help automate key functions within your business.

  • Module 5 - In House Fulfillment

    In the final module of the academy you will learn how to turn your drop shipping store into a more legitimate brand (only if you want to switch ofcourse!) by utilizing local fulfillment centers to speed up shipping times, and also allow you to add custom branding to your products.

What members are saying...


Learn From People Who Actually Make Money With Ecommerce

Jake Alexander

Jake has been selling products online since 2013. Starting out selling thrift store items on eBay slowly evolved into selling thousands of dollars worth of products in a single day in ecommerce stores of his own.

Jake Alexander, CEO at Casual Ecommerce
Brendan Martin

Brendan has a storied history of starting ecommerce stores from scratch and making them into a profitable business within the first  30 days. Unlike many people in the space he specializes in branding and is always thinking towards long term objectives with his stores.

Brendan Martin, Ecommerce Expert & Shopify Academy Coach

($67 Per Month, 10-Day Money Back Guarantee)

box10 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Checkout